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ATSC President Mark Richer joins Technological Advisory Committee

The FCC's Public Notice announcing the next Technological Advisory Council (TAC) meeting includes announcement of several new members including Mark Richer, president of ATSC. One of the major issues the TAC is dealing with is efficient use of spectrum. Richer's participation will give broadcasters another voice on the TAC and may also help smooth the road for FCC approval of new standards for TV broadcasting that will allow for more efficient use of the spectrum and new broadcast services.

Milo Medin at VP/Google Access Initiatives and Kevin Sparks, a Senior Director at Alcatel Lucent are among the seven new TAC members.

In its meeting on March 28, the TAC will discuss its 2012 work program and address the allocation of personnel to identified items. Tom Wheeler, Managing Director of Core Capital Partners, serves as Chairman of the Council and Walter Johnson, Chief of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Division, serves as the Designated Federal Officer. Julius Knapp, Chief of the Office of Engineering and Technology, is the Alternate Designated Federal Officer.