ATG Broadcast equips Astro broadcast center

UK-based systems integrator ATG Broadcast announced the completion of a new 65-channel Broadcast Center in Cyberjaya, Malaysia for Astro All Asia Networks (Astro), which was designed by its systems engineers. Technical furniture and consoles were provided by ATG's sister company, Custom Consoles. Local broadcast systems integrator Digistar supplied the equipment and provided engineering, test and installation expertise.

The center's Broadcast Management system, which satisfies Astro's need for a large-scale file-based transmission systems with full networking capability, includes satellite up- and downlink facilities, tape ingest stations, a compliance editing and versioning area, a multichannel transmission area, transmission suites and voice-over booths, and a master control room.

ATG also hosted and managed a pilot project in the UK for the file-based media management system integral to the Cyberjaya Broadcast Centre project. Complex workflows originated in the broadcast management system are passed to OmniBus Systems workflow managers. The OmniBus system then controls multiple Quantel ingest and production servers, Omneon Video Network transmission servers and a DIVArchive/Storagetek archive system.

Astro will now split its broadcasting operation between Cyberjaya and its current operation at the All Asia Broadcast Centre (AABC) in Kuala Lumpur. The AABC will shortly be upgraded to replicate the Cyberjaya facilities. This will enable both sites to operate as a single integrated tapeless broadcast facility and to mirror media storage between the two sites using a high capacity inter-site data link.

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