ATEME Backs VVC OTT Channel

(Image credit: ATEME)

PARIS, DENVER, SINGAPORE & SYDNEY—Viewers will have the opportunity to see what the new VVC (Versatile Video Coding) standard can do with the launch of a live OTT channel.

ATEME and The Explorers, a collaborative global media platform promoting the preservation of nature, cultural and human heritage, are supporting the channel, which will be available on the Akamai CDN. The content will be displayed in HDR and up to 8K resolution.

VVC, published as ITU H.266 | ISO/IEC 23090-3, is a new video standard that reduces bitrates by half while providing the same video quality. The standard was recently verified by MPEG.

ATEME Vice President of Innovation Mickael Raulet says that the company is the first to distribute VVC live in UHD and CMAF low latency. In addition, according to Olivier Chiabodo, CEO of The Explorers, the low bitrate used from the standard can help reduce the carbon footprint of the internet.

The OTT channel will be available from Nov. 10-Dec. 11 on Akamai CDN. To get a link, contact