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One visit to the November issue of Broadcast Engineering's World Edition E-zine, and you will quickly realize the power of electronic publishing. Employing the same layouts and departments that you've come to rely on in the print publication, Broadcast Engineering's E-zine brings you in-depth coverage of industry news and innovations--but in a digital platform. Both interactive and reliable, this E-zine allows interaction with editors, products, and advertisers instantly.

EXPLORE DEPARTMENTS via on-screen tabs, located on both the top and the bottom of the E-zine. E-mail your questions or comments directly to our editorial staff. Enlarge an article photo with a click of the mouse. Click on the live links and view an online demo to find out more about a product of interest.

WE'D LIKE TO GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER. Your perspective will help us to improve the new E-zine format and ensure that our reporting addresses the topics that affect you most. Go to the reader survey at the back of the E-zine and answer our brief questionnaire. As always, we greatly appreciate your input.

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Brad Dick
Editorial Director

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