Asia: Next-Gen Disc Players Due Soon

Samsung is gearing up to release a couple of new next-gen disc players for the Asian market, including its latest dual-format player, although all possible release dates targeted for the upcoming holiday season are still tentative.

One Samsung model, the BD-P1400, which could be released in Asia by the end of November, is strictly a Blu-ray Disc product. (In the United States, where the 1080p unit is already on the market, it is going for slightly more than $400 on However, the Blu-ray player would support both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD audio bit streams, which is uncommon among next-gen disc players, according to CNET Asia.

The other disc player due out soon in Asia and America, Samsung’s BD-UP5000, will support both HD DVD and Blu-ray (and American product reviews last summer place its probably price points in the $1,000 range). The UP5000 will contain a high-grade HDV processor designed to improve image upscaling to more bona fide HD quality, along with several Ethernet ports.