Applied Technology introduces ScreenPlay NLE

Video editors are clamoring for more and more storage capacity and Applied Magic is heeding the call with the introduction of a more powerful ScreenPlay nonlinear editor during the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., April 8-11.

Dubbed ScreenPlay Plus, the new NLE sports a hefty 120GB hard drive, DV 1394, plus all of Applied Magic’s optional software available today, including Chroma Key, Luma Key and A/B Roll.

Like Applied Magic’s broadcast-level ScreenPlay 60GB, the ScreenPlay Plus 120GB is a standalone, easy-to-use video editor offering point-and-click speed, drag-and-drop simplicity, exceptional stability and real-time functionality. With ScreenPlay Plus editors can instantly and easily:

Capture and edit professional quality video and audio

Edit four stereo channels, including full audio envelope control and audio scrubbing

Add titles: outline, drop shadow, character extrusion & more

Add transitions: wipes, dissolves, page turns, reveals & more

Add special effects, including variable slow motions, fast forward/backward, letter box, 3-D page turns & much more

Add color effects: B & W, posterize, solarize, sepia tone & more.

Each Applied Magic editor comes with a custom keyboard, mouse and 1-year warranty. The size and weight of a VCR, each editor connects easily to a television or monitor; is compact and turnkey; and can be used in the classroom, home, office, studio, remote truck or even a hotel room.

With the added professional-level software, ScreenPlay Plus is an ideal tool for editing broadcast productions, including cable access programming, documentaries, news programming and commercial spots, as well as corporate, training, education, documentation, investigation, security, promotional, wedding, event and general communication videos.