Apple announces new iOS, iPod, iTunes

Apple recently announced a string of new versions for Apple TV, its iOS operating system, iPod touch and iTunes store. Although Steve Jobs not so long ago called Apple TV “an experiment,” the old idea has found new life. The new $99 Apple TV now works on a streaming rental model. So far, Apple has TV shows from ABC and Fox onboard, which can be rented for 99 cents.

Apple also announced a new iPod touch, which adds iPhone 4 features: a better display, gyroscope and front-facing camera for FaceTime video calling. The new iPod nano will get rid of the click wheel in favor of a multitouch display.

A new iOS 4.1 fixes bugs, introduces high dynamic range photo capabilities, allows users to upload HD video over WiFi, and features Apple's Game Center, which supports multiplayer gaming across different applications. In November, iOS 4.2 will add multitasking and folders to the iPad.

Apple also quietly closed the mobile advertising network it acquired earlier this year for $275 million. Apple is no longer accepting new ads for the Quattro Wireless Network and will cease supporting existing campaigns as of Sept. 30. The company is doing so to put all its efforts toward the recently launched iAd division, which has, at least initially, charged much higher rates to advertise than had Quattro Wireless. The jury is out on the recently launched iAd, but dispensing with Quattro Wireless, essentially a competing unit, allows Apple to focus all its efforts in the mobile advertising space on iAd.