AntonBauer Batteries Aids Outdoor Cinematographer

Anton/Bauer’s Dionic 90 battery has been selected by outdoor cinematographer Jim Oltersdorf as the exclusive portable source for powering the gear used in his globetrotting image capture enterprise.

“The conditions we work in are so extreme that there are times when I’m in 45-degrees-below-zero temperatures without a wind chill, and Anton/Bauer batteries perform every time, said Oltersdorf. “I’ve found that even in extremely cold temperatures, they just keep on going.”

Oltersdorf says that he selected Dionic 90 batteries due to their low weight, portability, ruggedness and reliability. The batteries weight only 1.7 pounds and may be transported without any restrictions in accordance with IATA and DOT safety regulations. The units can provide up to 90 Watts of power and offer equipment runtimes of up to six hours with at 15 Watt load.

Anton/Bauer is a Vitec Group brand.