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Anton Bauer Tours With John Lennon

SHELTON, Conn.: Anton/Bauer donated a variety of equipment for use on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, the company announced.

Touring across North America, the bus allows students and young people to use state-of-the-art broadcast equipment to film music videos on location. The goal is to help kids realize new creative interests and foster a passion for the technological arts.

Gear donated by Anton/Bauer included a number of DIONIC 90 batteries, T2 simultaneous two position chargers, QR-EX3 Gold Mount battery adapters and QR-EX1 under-camera Gold Mount battery adapters.

“Anton/Bauer batteries have quickly become an indispensable asset onboard The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus,” said Jeff Sobel, chief engineer for the Tour Bus, in a press release. “Quite literally, they bring creative freedom to the Bus and its students. The DIONIC 90s allow the students to set up equipment quickly and without worries like where power will come from or how to manage extension cords, not to mention the safety concerns in a fast-paced production environment.”

Anton/Bauer is a member of the Vitec Group.