Andrew introduces CD series adjustable directional couplers

Andrew has unveiled the Passive Power Products CD Series Coaxial Adjustable Directional Couplers covering 50 MHz to 860 MHz. The coupling loop provide high accuracy in forward and/or reflected power measurements necessary for determining VSWR on the line, component or system losses, line power, or other operations.

Etched angle and penetration scales are designed to provide ease and accuracy in measuring coupling values across the VHF-FM-UHF frequency bands. Nominal Directivity is at least 32 dB and typical values of directivity can be significantly higher upon final adjustment.

These couplers can be implemented in any of the standard coaxial line sizes (8" lengths of flanged copper or aluminum) and RF connectors and can also be integrated into any coaxial harmonic filter or water load, upon request. Single, dual, triple and quad couplers (mounted circumferentially) are also available. Various connectors for the coupler bodies are available, the most common of which is either 'N', SMA, or TNC type connectors. Impedance is 50 Ohms.

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