And Now for Really Lazy (Really Rich) HD Viewers…

One of the more intriguing viral videos on the Internet in recent months features a large-screen set (presumably HD) that pops up from beneath a king-size bed for those days where apparently getting up at all is purely optional.

The 30-second video purports to show a flat-screen HD monitor (roughly 50 inches diagonally) that slides out from underneath a bed. Once the hardware extends fully beyond the foot of the bed, a pair of connected mechanical legs propels the screen upward (turning the screen sideways for a moment towards the video viewer’s POV camera to show it to be a real TV monitor) and then the front of the screen rotates back toward the bed—ready to be viewed. (In the video, the bed is empty.)

The unsourced video carries a somewhat chauvinistic description that reads: “Every man’s dreams! An automated TV that folds under the bed at the press of a button.” No more information is included. In the video, after a few seconds the screen slides down again and its legs gently slid the monitor back on the carpeted floor, underneath the bed. The video does not appear to be digitally altered or enhanced. (The fact that you would have to view the large screen from only a few feet away is another matter.)

The Web page of one MySpace occupant who identifies himself as “Daniel” from Melbourne, Australia, is among those that feature the video. According to his MySpace site, the video has been viewed nearly 33,000 times since last May.