AltaSens Ramps Up CMOS Image Sensor

Imaging sensor firm AltaSens Inc. has begun producing its new 2/3-inch CMOS (complex metal oxide semiconductor) sensor for deployment in the HD broadcast and pro camera market. Unlike some other CCDs (charge-coupled devices), the sensor (ProCamHD 3570) is designed to be a flexible multiformat imaging device for high performance, according to the company.

Along with natively generating progressive images up to 72p with full 1920x1080, and up to 120p with 1280x720, the unit can generate NTSC or PAL images at double resolution and HD-interlaced images at 1920x1080. As a result, the firm said, the camera compartment is more compact and uses lower power and less heat. The 3570 imaging system-on-chip has a 14-bit signal processing data path and noise-reduced tapered reset technology.