Altacert Institute offers online certification program for broadcast

The Altacert Institute, a testing service in Fortescue, N.J., has developed a Broadcast Professional Certification Program and corresponding Web site to validate knowledge and competency in the radio and television broadcast industries. Potential broadcast organizations also have the option to utilize these free tests to evaluate the potential knowledge of job candidates.

The Institute will distribute these Proficiency and Certification tests worldwide to virtually any computer with Internet access, 24/7, via its Instascore Online Testing System. Applicants submit a one-page online test registration form, complete the test and then "instantly" receive either a "PASS"/"FAIL" indication, plus a test score grade.

The list of free job-specific broadcast proficiency tests, which are only available online, are offered in both International and domestic test versions. They include:

  • Broadcast Engineer / Technician
  • Designated Chief Operator
  • TV Studio Operations Specialist
  • Computer Technician / Technologist
  • General Manager
  • Sports Announcer / Commentator
  • Meteorologist / Weather Reporter
  • Account Executive

For example, certification for a "Broadcast Station Manager" would require a candidate to answer multiple-choice questions in basic broadcast law, terminology, operations, sales, programming, formats, ratings, office and automation computers, management decisions and other areas related to broadcast management. The number of areas tested in this example reflect the range of knowledge generally required of broadcast station managers.

A series of related industry tests, such as computer and electronics technician, are also offered, but are not part of the Broadcast Professional Certification Program.

The Institute issues both Proficiency and Certification credentials as follows:

Proficiency: A recipient that obtains a passing score on any of the free tests listed above will automatically receive a Proficiency rating from the Institute valid for one year, or optionally upon completion of the test, may select a five-year term which includes a Certificate of Proficiency for a nominal fee.

Certification: A recipient that obtains a passing score on a limited number of free tests can optionally request an upgrade to Certification from the Institute. Certification will be valid for five years. Certification is issued at three levels: Associate Certified, Certified and Senior Certified.

The Institute's certification program can be used by an individual to evaluate knowledge in one or more subject areas, as well as employers and personnel managers to help evaluate theoretical and/or practical knowledge of a job applicant. The group offers certifications programs for the radio industry as well.

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