AJA Helps FSN New England Broadcast Slam Dunks in HD

Fox Sports Net (FSN) New England recently tapped AJA Video Systems to produce Boston Celtics games in SD and HD.

Using the AJA Kona 2 capture card helps FSN New England create content in SD and HD and the lo LA FireWire Interface provides a connection for the post-production crew to provide on-the-road support for the away game broadcasts.

Sean McGuire, engineering manager for FSN New England called the AJA Kona 2 a "very good product for hybrid HD/SD editing environments."

FSN New England recently added HD simulcasts to its SD telecasts of Celtics games, so the network bought three NLE systems from Apple and AJA hardware and software to accommodate its technology needs.

The new Apple Power Mac G5 workstations with Kona 2 cards installed, 3.5 TB Xserve RAID and 23-inch Apple Cinema displays were all part of the new purchases for home games. While on the road, the crew uses the Apple 17-inch Powerbook G4 with AJA lo.