Ai’s Quantum transmitter brings cost efficiency to Tampa

WTTA-TV, in Tampa, Fla., has reduced its power bills significantly with an Ai Quantum analog/digital transmitter.

WTTA-TV, in Tampa, FL, installed a Quantum Series two-tube analog/digital transmitter from Ai in June, replacing a three-tube pulsed Klystron system that provided 120kW peak sync output power.

The new transmitter, using two e2v ESCIOT water-cooled tubes, provides the same output power as the old system, but results in significantly lower power costs.

WTTA said that not only has the new transmitter reduced his operating costs, but the system’s lower heat generation has reduced the air conditioning costs of the building.

A direct comparison of power bills between August 2003, when the old transmitter was in service, and August 2004 showed monthly savings of more than $13,000. For WTTA, this represents annualized savings of $156,000; which is enough to pay for the new system in just four years.

The Ai Quantum Series of transmitters, using the e2v ESCIOT tunes, are designed to transmit either digital or analog signals. Ai said equivalent energy savings have been reported in both modes of operation.

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