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AirPlay launches new season of NFL Call-the-Play Football

The NFL and AirPlay have forged an alliance to give fans the ultimate experience in “casual gaming.” Extending through the Super Bowl, football and TV lovers can now do more than just watch the game — they can play along with the action.

NFL Call-the-Play Football is an interactive application that allows users predict plays — including run versus pass, identifying the intended receiver and blitzes — via mobile phones or on the Web in a national play-calling tournament before each snap. Participants are awarded points at the end of each play. With real-time calculation, scores are tallied and winners are awarded prizes at the end of each quarter.

Features include real-time competition that enables fans to call the play, call the player, even predict the blitz as they watch a game live; live opinion polls; the ability to compete against current pro football players in select games; and multiple ways to play via the Web or mobile phone.

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