AIMS Releases White Paper on IP Transition

BOTHELL, WASH.—The Alliance for IP Media Solutions has a new whitepaper available that aims to provide guidelines on the transition to IP. “AIMS Guidelines to Preparing Broadcast Facilities for IP-Based Live TV Production” presents methods broadcasters can enact to go from SDI to IP and on what products incorporating AIMS-endorsed protocols can be mixed and matched to fit specific requirements.

The white paper attempts to address elements broadcasters must take into account when designing an IP-based production infrastructure as well as other facility issues. The guide stresses that the basic workflows of live TV production remain unchanged.

“Careful consideration of points made in the document should help designers choose approaches that will serve any given facility’s immediate needs while smoothing the way for ongoing migration from SDI- to IP-based production,” wrote AIMS in its official press release.

The white paper is available for download at