Ai offers new technology in transmitter design

Acrodyne Industries (Ai) has refined its IOT product offerings with power levels to 240kW NTSC and 120kW average DTV. Ai has introduced a plug-in style E2V that is now also found in systems offered by its competition.

The Quantum AI

Ai has pioneered the use of solid-state step start system technology which uses mechanical contacts only at low-power logic levels to control SCR switching devices for applying 480V input power to the transmitter’s high voltage supplies. The system starts and stops power at AC zero crossings. This system eliminates the maintenance associated with mechanical contactors.

Ai also offers transmitters whose system controllers run on the Linux operating system. This approach allows not only a single control node or client, but at the same time allows multiple nodes to access transmitter telemetry information. Ai has 50 Linux-based systems in the field.

Rohde & Schwarz manufacturers the Ai solid-state line. These solid-state transmitters have TPOs from 50W up to 20kW average DTV and 40kW NTSC. The 250W to 1kW solid-state range units can be used in a high-power upgrade as an exciter with the PAs fitting inside the Ai Quantum IOT unit. The solid-state transmitter's power modules each have its own power supplies and each module is liquid-cooled.

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