Advanced Wireless Services Allocated 2 GHz spectrum

At its open meeting last week the FCC provided an additional 20 MHz of spectrum for "3G" broadband and other Advanced Wireless Services (AWS). The allocated spectrum is in four 5-MHz blocks: 1915-1920 MHz paired with 1995-2000 MHz, and 2020-2025 MHz paired with 2175-2180 MHz. The 1915-1920 MHz block was reallocated from the Unlicensed Personal Communications Services (UPCS). The other three blocks were previously allocated for the Mobile Satellite Service (MSS).

The FCC also adopted a plan for AWS licensees to reimburse incumbents for the cost of moving out of the band. Incumbents include UTAM at 1915-1920 MHz and Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) Fixed Service (FS) and "other new entrants" in the 1995-2000 MHz, 2020-2025 MHz and 2175-2180 MHz bands.

In addition to the Orders allocating the spectrum, the Commission adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking requesting comment on licensing, technical and operational rules for the new AWS spectrum. The FCC proposes giving licensees in this spectrum the "flexibility to provide any fixed or mobile service consistent with the technical parameters of the allocation, and proposed to license the spectrum under Part 27 of the Commission's rules, which provides a flexible, market oriented regulatory framework."

For a summary of the Orders and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (not yet released), see the FCC news release FCC Designates Spectrum for Advanced Wireless Services and Proposes Licensing and Service Rules.