Acrodyne Plans to Show DTV Boosters at NAB

Acrodyne Industries has announced the new products it plans to show at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, April 20-23. One of those that should be of interest to broadcasters looking to fill holes in their DTV coverage is a line of digital on-channel repeaters (DOCR) in a range of power levels.

DOCRs receive DTV signals off-air and re-transmit them on the same frequency, eliminating the need for fiber or microwave feeds required for more extensive distributed transmission systems. The Acrodyne DOCRs feature low delay and robust echo cancellation.

Many stations will be turning off perfectly usable analog transmitters on June 12. Acrodyne's Universal XD Exciter/Driver system will provide a way to adapt these transmitters for DTV use, either for additional DTV power or as for backup purposes.

Acrodyne will also show new liquid- and air-cooled solid state transmitters, at power levels of up to 16 kW for ATSC broadcasting, and also high power IOT transmitters using either standard IOTs or high efficiency depressed collector technology with ATSC power levels up to 100 kW.