ACAP Summit Planned at HPA Technology Retreat

The Advanced Television System Committee standard provides a way for broadcasters or any other video service provider to do more than simply broadcast programs to TV sets. ATSC Standard A/101 describes an Advanced Common Application Platform application as "a collection of information which is processed by an application environment in order to interact with an end-user or otherwise alter the state of the application environment." In other words, ACAP allows interactive applications within the ATSC framework.

While I'm not aware of any widespread use of ACAP, three of the four major networks (ABC, Fox, NBC) are participating in an ACAP Interactive TV Summit in conjunction with the 13th Annual Hollywood Post Alliance Technology Retreat in Palm Springs, Calif. at the end of January. ATSC said the Summit will "outline the basic elements of ACAP and update attendees on a landmark demonstration and field trial of ACAP technology." The session will be led by Dan Berkowitz from NBC Universal and will describe not only how ACAP works, but will update attendees on "a landmark demonstration and field trial of ACAP technology.

Led by Dan Berkowitz of NBC Universal, the project is designed to illustrate how ACAP can be used to enhance the viewing experience. The seminar will feature presentations by many of the organizations participating in the ACAP demonstration and field trial, including major content producers."