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ABERTIS upgrades with Clear-Com Digital Matrix

Spanish telecom carrier, Abertis Telecom, which serves the broadcast market, has invested in Clear-Com's Eclipse PiCo intercom system as part of an upgrade to its communications hub.

Installed at Abertis' two main operation centres at Torre Collçerola in Barcelona and Torrespaña in Madrid, the new Eclipse PiCo replaces a legacy intercom for both internal and external communication. The new system is made up of two intercom units – one in each centre – networked over a Wide Area Network (WAN). The two centres are networked together using Clear-Com Voice2 IP links.

As well as operating as an internal switching hub, the Eclipse PiCo enables operators in both regions to operate a 'call centre' type set-up, which allows the acceptance of incoming and outside calls, which can be isolated while maintaining communications on the internal network. Reliable trunking capacity, which is built into the Eclipse, allows the system to seamlessly switch between users in Torrespaña and Torre Collçerola without the need for third-party action

Each of the Eclipse PiCo frames offer 36 full-duplex ports, including four 4-wire ports, in a 1RU chassis that works in conjunction with new Clear-Com V-Series Panels. The V-Series user panels' 'Listen Again' feature employs digital audio memory, allowing the user to replay received incoming calls and advancing digital signalling processing (DSP) for increased audio control that includes routing, mic EQ, mic limiting and headset sidetone. It also offers intelligent dimming and local Interrupted Feedback (IFB).

"Abertis spent several months evaluating intercom systems, and trunking capability between the two units was a key factor in the final choice," says Jose María Alvarez, director of the Department of Broadcast Systems for Aicox.

The installation coincided with the construction of a new control room and the equipment was provided by Aicox Soluciones (formerly Ibérica de Componentes).