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ABC to Launch Big Data Ad Trial

NEW YORK—ABC Sales is launching a big data-oriented ad sales trial for its digital properties. Geri Wang, president of ABC Sales, described the first-of-its-kind initiative during remarks at ABC’s annual upfront presentation.

The company expects to work with trial participants on defining and testing a variety of data sources to drive ad targeting. “We’re especially excited to partner with clients to identify how their first-party data can be used to enhance media delivery,” Wang said.

The trial will take place throughout the summer and leverage new tools being introduced by ad monetization platform FreeWheel. ABC will be the first media company to offer premium video through FreeWheel’s solution, called FourFronts Programmatic. FreeWheel provides digital inventory management and ad-serving solutions to ABC and other broadcast and cable TV networks. Their new FourFronts Programmatic tool connects ad seller inventory systems with ad buyer demand-side platforms. It also creates safeguards for publishers to ensure that automated transactions are handled transparently.

ABC’s summer trial will include digital video ad inventory across ABC Entertainment and News programming. Sister cable network ABC Family will also be participating in the trial, making video inventory available across its digital portfolio of shows. Neither network will include linear TV inventory in the trial at this time.

The foray into programmatic offerings will be limited to “reserved” inventory, meaning clients will need to commit to spend levels in advance over a defined time period. Its core value proposition will be to help better execute targeting strategies, automate the transaction process and ensure that campaigns are delivered to goal.