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A Different CBC ‘Seals’ Deal With HD

That headline up here might appear to signal to most readers that a well-known Canadian broadcaster is only now going HD. But, alas, the “CBC” in this item refers to the “Christmas Bird Count” on the Año Nuevo State Reserve in northern California. A remote HD camera used by forest rangers continues to be used long after the holidays have come and gone—and HD quality is dazzling the rangers, some of whom are serious bird watchers.

The “HD Sealcam” is solar-powered and beyond bird counting in winter, serves some other worthy purposes for those in charge of overseeing the 13-acre reserve located about a mile off the California coast. The health and safety of such exotic creatures as the northern elephant seal, California sea lion, brand cormorant, brown pelican and assorted rock-nesting seabirds can be constantly monitored with the HD cam, which can rotate 360 degrees and swivel 180 degrees up and down, according to Audubon Magazine. (No more details on the HD cam itself.)

And HD may be protecting the health and safety of some humans, too. Rangers are also using the HD cam to monitor great white shark populations in the surrounding waters.

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