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66 million surf the net, watch TV simultaneously in U.S., says In-Stat

New research from In-Stat reaffirms what others have suggested for sometime: a strong trend towards surfing the Internet and viewing television at the same time.

According to a new In-Stat report, “U.S. TV Viewers Response to Economic Turmoil,” more than 66 million people across demographic categories use the Internet while they’re camped out on their sofas watching TV. The new In-Stat survey finds that 33 percent of all male respondents across all age groups said they sometimes simultaneously watch TV and surf the net. Among some male age groups, the figure rose to 50 percent. Only 25 percent of women reported doing both at the same time.

The significance of dual use is in providing a means for television content producers to interact with viewers on an elevated level.

“Local TV stations, TV networks, pay-TV networks, 24-hour news networks, sports leagues, and music channels, can instantly connect to some of their viewers, right now, on both the TV screen and on a laptop computer screen,” said In-Stat analyst Gerry Kaufhold.