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49ers Purchase Panasonic for Coaching Analysis

SECAUCUS, N.J.: The San Francisco 49ers football franchise recently acquired gear from Panasonic for use in analyzing their coaching activities.

The equipment consists of numerous shoulder-mount and handheld camcorders, and handheld recorder/players.

“We shoot the three HPX3100s and the HPX370 from lifts or towers, and use the HPX170s as on-the-field cameras to shoot various types of drills from the ground,” said Michael Christianson, 49ers coordinator of football technology and offensive assistant, in a press release. “The higher-end shoulder-mounts give a greater detailed look from above to shoot a wider arrangement of scenarios while at practice.”

Christianson lauded the Panasonic gear for its value to the coaching staff, as well as its efficient use of storage.

Footage is now available to the coaches nearly instantly, as opposed to the wait times associated with tape.