3G Wireless demonstrates HD wireless production systems

3G Wireless recently demonstrated a ground-based, cellular-style receive site system for wireless HD video.

Using Nucomm's CamPac 2 HD camera-back transmitter, the wireless system gives wireless HD cameras the freedom to move anywhere on a golf course without continuously being tethered to a second person holding a directional transmit antenna. The system also eliminated expensive and unsightly 200ft receive sites on mobile cranes.

3G placed four small receive sites to cover the back nine on existing camera platforms. Each receive site provided four input diversity reception that could be received using either omni or directional antennas.

These sites were connected by a fiber-optic cable back to the central switching unit, located in a mobile unit in the TV compound. The system then automatically determines which site antenna was providing the cleanest signal and routes it to production.

In addition to the Nucomm CamPac 2 transmitter, 3G used Nucomm's Newscaster DR HD/SD COFDM microwave receivers, which are intended for mobile video applications.

For more information, visit www.3gwireless.tv.