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'Meet the Press' Goes HD on May 2

"Meet the Press," the Sunday morning staple from NBC News that is likely the longest-running program of any kind in TV history, finally gravitates to HD (1080i) with its May 2 telecast.

The hour-long program now hosted by David Gregory actually was used as sample content in HD tests several years ago, according to the late longtime moderator, Tim Russert, talking to NAB Daily in 2007. But MTP never took the permanent leap until now. (Russert also was the proud owner of two large-screen HD displays as an early adopter several years ago).

MTP was inducted in the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2007.

The program will feature a new HD-centric set, according to its longtime executive producer, Betsy Fischer. She told The Hill newspaper the new set will had "added versatility that will enhance our interviews and better engage our viewers…"

Although typically the highest-rated Sunday show each week, MTP had to watch two of its competitors--"This Week" on ABC and "Fox News Sunday" on CNN--transition to HD many months ago.