'Good Morning' Russia Goes Tapeless With Cinegy

Cinegy, a developer of workflow, asset management and OEM solutions for the broadcast and post-production industries, has installed its software at Russia's Channel One, which enabled it to preserve several decades of television history from the “Good Morning” show using a modern digital archive. The show is now looking to incorporate other Cinegy tools into their workflow.

Channel One offers a diverse mix of programming including news, documentaries, talk shows, feature-film presentations, game shows and sports. Since 1986 Channel One’s breakfast show, “Good Morning” has logged four hours each day of news and stories from all spheres of life, mixing live interviews in the studio. In 2008 it selected Cinegy software to transfer its video archive from tape into digital storage archive, so it could be preserved for the future. The implementation was a success and was expanded one year later.

“Cinegy has allowed “Good Morning” to make a complete transition to a tapeless archive from Betacam SP and Sony IMX tapes, enabling search via keywords and other parameters, creating significant savings on time and costs” reports Andrey Artamonov, th show’s technical director at Channel One.

Now the “Good Morning” team is looking to expand their Cinegy installation and modernize other parts of their workflow to generate more savings and production efficiency benefits. The next step will be implementing Cinegy Air for playout and broadcast automation, followed by a switch to high definition and eventually, totally eliminating tapes in workflow and production.

Cinegy Managing Director Daniella Weigner said, “The original priorities for “Good Morning” were scalability, reliability and an affordable price. Two years later and we continue to provide a strong focus on these areas, so we are very pleased that Channel One is looking at adding Cinegy Air to their system to modernize their playout workflow as well. Cinegy’s modular structure makes it ideal for this kind of gradual rollout and modernization.”

Today the total storage space for “Good Morning” is 90 TB. With Cinegy technology, it is easy to expand as needed by adding more disk arrays, or by replacing obsolete disks in order to stay at the forefront of modern developments. The Cinegy system at “Good Morning” now includes the Cinegy Archive along with 20 Cinegy Desktop connections (three used as DV/1394 ingest stations), with five dedicated Cinegy Ingest workstations.