'Avatar' Comes to Life with Fujinon

For the production of Avatar, the 3D sci-fi epic released this past December, director James Cameron and cinematographer Vince Pace sided with Fujinon lenses.

Lenses used include the HA16x6.3BE (6.3-101mm) and a specially designed HA5x7B-W50 (7-35mm).

Pace, a co-inventor of the Sony Fusion 3D camera system, cites the ten-year working relationship between Fujinon lenses and Sony cameras culminating in Avatar’s release.

“The road to success in 3D is paved as a team effort. Early on in the development phase, Fujinon stepped up with their sales staff, engineering resources, and factory support to design lens suitable for our exacting standards in 3D. We worked with Fujinon to meet the exacting requirements of stereographic capture.”