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JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA: The 2010 World Cup represents the most comprehensive laboratory for 3DTV production to date. The host broadcaster, HBS, with the support of Sony, has thus far produced 18 World Cup matches in 3D. There are seven to go.

Television Broadcast collected a few images of cameras, crews and media from the events. At left, a camera operator uses the synced Sony cameras for 3D capture.

At right is HBS commentator David Wood, calling the action with a five-member English Guide team.

“This is my fourth FIFA World Cup finals as a commentator,” begins David Woods, “and the set-up has been superb. We get the best seat in the house with top-class technical back-up. Each commentator is provided with two monitors, on which they can set up whatever feed they like, including the live match coverage with replays and the game information.”

At left, an HBS camera operator captures the action.

Right, an HBS operator manages a boom. Below left, a camera operator prepares to catch the action at a goal. Below at right, the FIFA 360-degree sky cam.

Image of David Wood from the host broadcaster’s daily MRL Newsletter. Images of 3DTV camera, Studio Berlin camera operator, 360-degree overhead camera and goal camera by Darren Smith. Remaining images by Dr. ZVLV.