16x9 Inc. rolls out new HD Mattebox

16x9 Inc. has introduced the Chrosziel 5.65x5.65 HD Mattebox, which is designed for today’s high definition cameras and is made to work with the new 5.65x5.65 filter size.

The 5.65x5.65 HD Mattebox changes effortlessly from a full-blown swing-away device to a convenient clamp-on system.

Chrosziel’s 5.65x5.65 Mattebox offers a 16:9/4:3 wide angle housing that is compatible with zoom lenses as wide as 4.5mm or primes as wide as 5mm, without vignetting.

The unit comes complete with a filterstage for two independently rotating 5.65x5.65 filters, making it large enough for ultra-wide lenses, yet compact enough for handheld work.

For more information, visit www.16x9inc.com.