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1,000 Stations Now in DTV Consumer Ed Program

DTV Answers, an NAB outreach initiative, reported that more than 1,000 television broadcasters are now part of that program, which was launched to educate viewers about the coming change in television delivery.

“We are very pleased to announce our steadily increasing partnerships with local and national broadcasters, all pledging their time and services to help educate consumers about the DTV transition,” said David Rehr, president and CEO of NAB. “The full participation of broadcasters is vital in making this transition as easy as possible for consumers.”

The DTV education campaign includes the use of on-air announcements, crawls or tickers during regular programming, a DTV road show, media coverage in newspapers and on the Internet and a 30-minute educational program about the transition.

NAB says that 18 broadcasting groups, representing 139 television stations have recently joined the effort to spread the word about the Feb. 17, 2009 end of analog television