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Anton/Bauer Batteries Power Arctic Climate-Change Film

SHELTON, CONN.: When David Wright shot the documentary “An Uncertain Future”–which is about biologist George Divoky who is conducting climate change research in the Arctic—the filmmaker used Anton/Bauer batteries to power his cameras. Wright traveled to Alaska’s Cooper Island to shoot the film using Panasonic HDX900 and Canon XF105 cameras powered by Anton/Bauer’s DIONIC 90 and CINE VCLX batteries, the company says.

For the last 40 years, Divoky has journeyed to Cooper Island each summer to study the migration and feeding patterns of a colony of seabirds, and the study of the colony has produced information about how climate change is affecting the birds’ habitat, according to Wright, who filmed the scientist over the last two summers.

Climate change is affecting the lives of other creatures living in and around the surrounding Beaufort Sea, including the sea life serving as food for the birds, Divoky says. In addition, over the last five years, Divoky has witnessed the arrival of starving polar bears that are seeking refuge on the island due to a loss of habitat caused by the increasing lack of sea ice in the warming Arctic basin.

Wright met Divoky in 2011 during the filming of the BBC series “Frozen Planet.” Intrigued by Divoky’s work, Wright agreed to document the researcher in action, with the goal of producing a film that would challenge climate-change skeptics on the growing peril to the planet and its inhabitants, Anton/Bauer says.

Wright served as cameraman and field producer, living with Divoky in his 10-by-12 foot cabin on the remote island. With few resources available, facing a mix of below-freezing and unusually warm temperatures, as well as weeks of fog, the trip presented Wright with challenges. Anton/Bauer’s batteries kept Wright’s cameras powered, he said. Using eight DIONIC 90s provided more than enough power for a day’s shooting and they also powered the LED lighting that was used.