Zaxcom’s new digital wireless microphone transceiver

Zaxcom’s wireless microphone transceiver family now includes the TRX900AA. The transceiver operates for up to 12 hours on two AA batteries and provides integrated recording of up to 12 hours of audio. Designed for use in applications that require a lavaliere microphone, the new system simplifies remote production with built-in IFB support, timecode transmission and RF remote control from up to 200ft away.

The TRX900AA records audio in the WAV format directly to a Flash memory card for transfer to PC or Mac. Optional timecode transmission and video sync generation will allows the user to transmit two channels of audio, timecode and video sync to one receiver on the camera. Video sync types include tri-level, NTSC, and PAL. The TRX900AA features a built-in IFB receiver that allows the user to receive cues and other information from the production staff without an additional body pack.

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