What is Suboptimal Content and Why Does it Matter?

One of my most frustrating experiences in watching TV is watching a show that I know is a waste of time, but I'm just too tired of trying to find something better to watch. No one should have to settle for TV - did you know there are over 1,200,000 programs available to you to watch at any given point in time - this includes live TV, On Demand, DVR, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, iTunes?

By settling for suboptimal content, not only are you wasting your precious time, you are also contributing to poor content availability. If you were to consume something optimal, the economics for that piece of content would continue to grow making it more likely that content you like will be produced in the future.
It's important that when we sit down to watch TV, we're watching great TV. The content is available and ready to be discovered. However, the problem is that most people still use the old cable TV guide to find content and then they use various guides like the On Demand guide to find content. These guides are just lists of content with no relevance to you as an individual. And, they don't include the whole universe of content that is available to you like what's also available via the Internet.

With BuddyTV Guide, you won't ever have to settle for suboptimal content. Here are 4 ways BuddyTV helps you find optimal content every time you sit down to watch TV:

1) Watchlist - these are programs that are your favorites and you'll always be in the know when they are on.

2) Quicklists - these lists help you discover content that you are most interested in quickly - most popular, upcoming sports, new programming.

3) Recommendations - these are based on what you've favorited, what you've watched in the past, and taking into account the community.

4) Filters - filter based on what mood you are in. Comedy, Action, Drama, Sports, Reality. Find it right away.

Next time you sit down to watch TV, ask yourself if you're watching the best program for you at that time. If not, why not? Try out BuddyTV Guide (opens in new tab) for yourself and see if you watch suboptimal content again.

Andy Lui, Co-founder and CEO, Buddy TV