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WeatherBug tackles online and mobility weather market

WBZ CBS4 in Boston uses WeatherBug Zoom 2.5 and MotionCam to show live conditions and crowds at Stowe Mountain Ski Resort.

WeatherBug is tackling the area of on-air, online and mobile weather delivery with its new WeatherBug Zoom product which features:

  • Custom alerts that allow TV meteorologists at WeatherBug partner stations to program their Zoom system to notify them of severe weather.
  • Ability to sign up five e-mail, pager or cell phone "addresses" to receive alerts when the parameter limits are exceeded.
  • Live video from MotionCams within the WeatherBug Network.
  • An easier selection process and ready access to WeatherBug Tracking Stations, InstaCams and MotionCams within the broadcaster's DMA.

WeatherBug also offers a variety of ways for consumer and business users to access its rich, proprietary weather information 24-hours-a-day. This includes free and premium versions of the WeatherBug downloadable software application, as well as station-branded, mobile alerts, and on-air distribution through broadcast partnerships with more than 100 local television station affiliates.

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