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Up close and personal at the Big 33

This year, WHTM-TV in Harrisburg, PA, relied on RF Central’s RFX-CMT portable digital microwave unit for its production of the PNC Big 33 Football Classic, which is known to some as the Super Bowl of high-school football.

Since 1957, the game has been one of finest scholastic all-star football games in the nation. For years, WHTM used a 13GHz unit that required two operators in addition of the camera operator to send shots.

With RF Central’s RFX-CMT, the transmitter is attached directly to the camera and relies on the camera’s battery for power. This RF connection allowed WHTM to capture close-ups of players and coaches, go into the stands to do interviews with local celebrities, and get shots from inside huddles, increasing viewer involvement in the game.

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