University unveils proprietary digital TV network

Digital television networks are being utilized more frequently by universities looking to better retain students and market themselves. A university in Spain has recently rolled out its new network to improve communications with students and disseminate information more efficiently.

AS Video has developed an interactive TV channel for the Madrid Polytechnic University. The university implemented this new communications system based on the Scala InfoChannel platform with the central purpose to facilitate communications with students and faculty alike and change the image of the university.

In the past two years the university has seen a decrease in student enrollment. To rectify this downward trend, the university implemented the University TV Channel to inform students and potential students about careers, services, curricula and opportunities in the institution’s 22 academic departments.

AS Video, in a network manager role, provides a turnkey solution, creating content, controlling scheduling, maintaining hardware and software and administering the system for the university. AS Video collaborates with the University Magazine to produce news and covered events and publishes it to the TV channel.

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