TV2 approves IT production solution after Incite passes Olympic test

TV2 Denmark turned to Incite, a maker of end-to-end integrated solutions for broadcast production, for a completely digital, IT-based network workflow to cover the Athens Games.

The solution covered all aspects of the production, including ingest, logging, editing and play out with the complete line of Incite products.

With 1800 hours of captured material, 68,000 logged clips and 625 hours of broadcasted programming, the production of the Olympic Games was a demanding test of the IT-workflow concept.

TV2 Denmark wanted to try out the IT approach before converting its entire workflow to the Incite solution. After the production was complete, the broadcaster was convinced that the approach was appropriate for its current and future needs at TV2's Sports Production Center.

The TV2 Sports Production Center is now fully equipped by Incite. It is a totally digital, tapeless, cost-effective production system with complete fault-proof redundancy structured on the Incite MAM database using Incite's Media Manager M2 as the universal media-management interface on all client-side workstations.

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