Toronto subway signage network selects software for program scheduling

With build-out nearing completion for North America’s largest underground digital signage network, BroadView’s traffic and sales software will manage scheduling for the system
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Two-sided 40in display in Toronto subway station.

OneStop Network, manager of the Toronto Transit Commission’s underground digital signage network, will use BroadView’s traffic and sales software to schedule individualized programming on double-sided 40in displays located on subway platforms. The network currently reaches nearly 60 percent of the TTC’s 875,000 daily riders with more than 100 screens installed to date, making it North America's largest underground digital network. The network’s build-out, scheduled for completion by year’s end, also will be extended to dynamic screens in subway cars.

The OneStop Network offers travelers a dynamic mix of news sports, transit information, and advertising, as well as community service information including Child Find announcements, emergency override messaging, and transit updates. With BroadView's software, the network is able to manage schedules that will include advertising that runs on all screens within the network as well as station-specific messaging.

The use of smart ad technology enables effective targeting of content to the subway network’s large captive audience, according to Michael Girgis, president of OneStop Media Group. Using rich demographic data on subway riders provided by the TTC’s research department, signage advertising and other content can be tagged based on audience and other characteristics. An ad can be station-specific, based on retailers located in the vicinity, or language-specific — for station stops in Toronto’s Chinatown. Even current weather conditions can trigger programming – such as ice cream ads on a hot summer day.

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