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Telewest TVDrive box uses SeaChange middleware

Telewest, a UK-based broadband media and communications group, has completed trials and is preparing to launch TVDrive, a new set-top box that combines video-on-demand, a PVR and HDTV. TVDrives use SeaChange TV Navigator middleware to deliver the new services.

SeaChange TV Navigator is a software application that provides PVR capabilities enabling viewers to pause and rewind live television broadcasts; record two programs simultaneously, while watching a third; and record eight days ahead from the electronic program guide.

Unique to the application is the ability for the subscriber to save a program from the beginning even as the program is ending. The system works with both SD and HD video.

The SeaChange middleware platform provides an extensive electronic programming guide. In addition to PVR and VOD choices, it supports games, Internet access, mail and chat applications. Also unique to TV Navigator is its ability to stream complete DVDs, including menu information.

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