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The city of Austin, TX, has purchased a four-channel Sundance Digital FastBreak Automation system for the overhaul of its television production, audio/visual, and information technology facilities.

FastBreak Automation, a robust, scaleable and frame-accurate controller of video servers, routing switchers, VCRs, and other television peripherals, will be used for a variety of applications in the city’s facility. It will automate the programming for Austin’s municipal access channel that feeds two cable systems, as well as control content on three interactive video displays, an outdoor plaza video display with digital signage, and streaming video of meetings, musical performances, and other events over the Internet.

The automation system will include a Sundance Archive Manager to place content in near-line storage; MediaCache to batch digitize quantities of tape into the video server; and MirrorMover to supervise the transfer of media files between servers. An array of 360 Systems Image Servers and a Storbank Network Attached Storage Server will provide primary digital storage, recording, and playout under FastBreak Automation control.

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