Sony’s new Oxford Restoration Tools “clean” audio archives

Sony’s new Oxford Restoration Tools Suite offers solutions for sophisticated audio restoration
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The Oxford Restoration Tools Suite from Sony works with Digidesign ProTools systems, from Avid, as RTAS/Audiosuite plug-ins for both Macintosh OSX and Windows XP workstations.

Sony has introduced the Oxford Restoration Tools Suite, a bundle of three software tools for restoring audio from damaged or older archival audio material. The company said the tools can rescue severely damaged tracks, while still retaining all the original characteristics and brightness of the original recordings.

The Restoration Tools Suite includes solutions for three distinct audio restoration issues:

  • DeBuzz, which offers both “strong” and “weak” modes, to minimize signal damage and automatically track any slow drift of the fundamental “buzz” frequency.
  • DeNoise, which precisely tracks noise in auto mode. It can provide traditional Noise Fingerprint capture and includes a “Mid-Side” button for “de-noising” FM broadcasts, and a “Soft” control for reducing artifacts while working with heavy noise.
  • DeClick, which combines the functions of click and pop removal. Unlike other “de-clickers,” Sony said it is capable of removing large pops and clicks, as well as barely perceptible but still bothersome crackles.

The basic parameter settings of the Oxford Restoration Tools need few changes to achieve excellent results, Sony said. However users can also take advantage of manual options that are available for situations that require more hands-on control.

The Sony Oxford Restoration Tools Suite is available for Digidesign ProTools systems as RTAS/Audiosuite plug-ins for both Macintosh OSX and Windows XP.

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