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Solid Camera to unveil Unity camera power system

Solid Camera has launched Unity, a completely integrated power system designed to provide operators with a more efficient power supply, critical signal distribution and intuitive ergonomic capabilities at the Cine Gear Expo 2012, June 1-3 in Hollywood, CA.

Unity features a compact, flexible architecture that is customizable based upon the intended operating environment. Leveraging new technologies, Unity's battery replacement module radiates about one-third the heat of a standard battery adapter to more efficiently meet the demands of high-power digital cameras.

This power-saving feature is extremely beneficial in remote locations, reducing the number of batteries needed on site while minimizing excess heat.

Unity optionally uses a low-cost, off-the-shelf audio cable that can extend an operator's working distance up to 500ft from the battery pack. From a single cable, users can manage signal distribution, including 3G HD/SDI video, time code and audio.