Softel guide: Top 10 subtitling challenges facing broadcasters

Softel has published a new guide that identifies the 10 most common subtitling and captioning challenges faced by broadcasters and network operators in complex modern workflows.

Examining cost efficiency, video editing synchronization, file format transcoding, multi-language/multichannel processing, live subtitling, quality control as well as web and mobile streaming, the guide explains each challenge and offers advice on how to tackle them, reviewing recent developments in subtitle and caption processing. It summarizes information in simple tables featuring challenges and their solutions and provides detailed diagrams presenting workflow configurations for optimized subtitle and caption processing.

Working with global broadcasters, facilities houses and other players in the subtitle process ecosystem, Softel has witnessed the emergence of increasingly complex subtitling and captioning issues. Workflows have had to evolve rapidly to answer the exploding demand for IP delivered content and the broadcasters’ need to reach greater numbers of global viewers.

Their complexity has made the integration of subtitle and caption processes a difficult task and, with legislation for content accessibility becoming more stringent across the world, this is set to become a crucial issue.