Skylark Technology enhances Closed Captioning

Skylark Technology announces new enhanced features to Closed Captioning operations. Broadcasters have been required to use glue products or third-party external products for closed loop operations using both HD and SD video formats. The Skylark SL NEO series can now automatically convert on-the-fly Closed Captioning metadata for either SD or HD playout. 

Skylark’s HD/SD NLE NewsCut editing system supports Closed Captioning. The NewsCut editing system has two edit modes, Hard-Cuts editing or EDL editing. The Skylark “Hybrid” Channel-In-A-Box system automatically determines the editing mode used and auto-selects the appropriate Closed Captioning metadata for on-air or production play-out.

The Skylark Graphics system supports Closed Captioning during design and playout. During the graphics design phase, Skylark has the ability to store manually-entered Closed Captioning metadata. If the graphics design involves rolling video content with built-in Closed Captioning metadata, the Skylark “Hybrid” Channel-In-A-Box system gives broadcasters the ability to select either the manually entered Closed Captioning metadata or the Closed Captioning metadata built-in to the video media content for on-air or production playout.