Sharp Unveils 3D Module for Mobile Devices

ŌSAKA, JAPAN: Electronics manufactuer Sharp has presented a new HD 3D camera module for mobile devices.

According to the company, the module is capable of capturing 720p 3D images. Samples are expected for July and full production is expected to start before the end of 2010.

The camera module includes functions to process image data from the left and right cameras, along with color synchronizing processing to adjust color and brightness, timing synchronizing processing to synchronize the timing of the video signals and optical axis control processing to correct positioning. Fast Readout Technology is used to transfer video data from the image sensor, enabling 3D images to be captured in high-resolution HD mode.

Such modules could be used in digital cameras, cell phones, smartphones and other handheld devices. Pricing for the module was not announced.

Sharp also announced that the new module is part of its strategy to open up new 3D markets based on 3D display technologies, including small/medium-size and large-size 3D LCDs, as well as 3D input device technologies.