SeaChange provides on-demand platform Japanese IP television service

VOD technlogy that includes SeaChange’s MediaCluster server will help OnDemand TV send 5000 hours of local Japanese and American movie content across the country.

SeaChange International has announced that its VOD system is supporting OnDemand TV, the IP television service slated for launch this spring over NTT-East and NTT-West broadband systems — Japan’s largest telecommunications networks.

OnDemand TV will operate across the entire nation of Japan, providing 5000 hours of local Japanese and Hollywood studio content. It will also include a number of new video applications that bridge the traditional boundary between television and telecommunications services. Together, NTT-East and NTT-West provide telephone and broadband services to more than 60 million subscribers.

The OnDemand TV service will be one of the first commercial launches of VOD over IP v6 networks. With the capabilities to deliver multiple media formats and bit rates, the SeaChange system will deliver on-demand services to fiber-connected homes (FTTH) and, later this year, to DSL customers through H.264 codec support.

OnDemand TV and SeaChange will also collaborate to extend VOD services to hotels and other multi-dwelling units. SeaChange’s long-standing distribution partner, Itochu Technoscience Corporation (CTC), is chief system integrator for OnDemand TV.

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