SeaChange and Softbank Broadmedia team for on-demand gaming

SeaChange International and Softbank Broadmedia (SBBM) have introduced a new integrated solution that merges SBBM’s streaming games technologies with SeaChange’s VOD System platform. SeaChange customers can now deliver video game experiences over any broadband network.

The SeaChange VOD System enables the delivery of Javascript and DVD games and now, with the new SBBM integration — PC and console titles. The solution takes advantage of SBBM’s “G-cluster”’ real-time, server-based games processing and encoding technologies for PC/console titles to complement Javascript and DVD-formatted games content enabled by SeaChange’s VODlink set-top software.

This scalable solution makes it possible to play video games on standard digital set-top boxes, without any additional upgrades to customers’ equipment or changes to navigation or subscriber education.

With these new capabilities, SeaChange customers will now be able to provide a broad range of game genres and formats; deliver Javascript, DVD, console and PC gaming experiences direct to subscribers on demand; and build strong gaming communities with multiplayer and game lobby functionality.

Operators can offer subscribers complimentary, subscription, pay-per-play and pay-per-timed-play video game products, unified with a complete suite of on- demand video services.

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